What Is A Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment is what makes up the angles that keep your tires going straight down the road and wearing evenly. If your wheel alignment is not correct, that means something in your steering or suspension is loose or worn out. You may begin to notice abnormal wear on the edges of your tires or you may even notice your vehicle pulling more than it should. This usually indicates a problem with your alignment. It's imperative to get this fixed as soon as possible so tires will not be damaged. DON’T FORGET Tires are not cheap!​

An alignment helps ensure that all four tires are correctly angled with each other and the road. ... A wheel alignment can help you get more miles out of a new set of tires.

Driving a vehicle with improper wheel alignment can cause uneven wear on the tires. If the problem is not corrected soon enough, a vehicle's tires could suffer premature wear and tear, making them ineffective for safe driving. An alignment problem should be corrected immediately to avoid unnecessary tire damage.

Advantage of wheel alignment:
1. Increase Fuel Efficiency.  2.  Reduce Expensive Auto Repairs.  3.  Experience Smoother Driving. 4.  Improve Vehicle Safety. 5.  Increase the Life of Your Tires.

How long and in what condition car need to do wheel alignment
1. After drive for 10000 km or six month
2. Vehicle pulls sideway when driving in a straight line.
3. Hands cant get off the steer wheel when driving in a straight line
4. Steer wheel cant get centered itself, when car runs in a straight line
5. Car body goes up and down
6. Front and rear wheel wear
7. After replacing a new tyre
8. After crush accident
9. After replacing a new suspension parts
10. New car after driving for 3000km.

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